Try the new Get Into Cardio Tennis program for free during Premier’s Active April

You might have heard that there’s a new program in town that’s getting people moving, laughing, and notching up more than 4,000 steps in a 45-minute session. Get Into Cardio Tennis has taken Victoria by storm, and during Premier’s Active April, you have the chance to trial the program for free.

Get Into Cardio Tennis is a new physical activity program developed by Tennis Victoria in partnership with Tennis Australia and funded by VicHealth. It’s a fun, social, low-impact tennis-based session that’s done in parks. Over 45 minutes, you’ll do a warm up, series of game-based activities using racquets and balls and a cool down. The program is designed at an introductory level, so you don’t need any existing tennis skills or fitness level to enjoy a session. Take a look at this short film to see the program in action.

Tam Harding, from Tennis Victoria said, “the great thing about this program, is that it’s done in local parks, so you can get your physical activity in near home and with friends who live locally”. It is particularly suited to people who might not have done a lot of physical activity in the past, or are returning after some time out.

Get Into Cardio Tennis can be a great stepping stone into the sport. Rhonda Peterson of Sunshine, Brimbank, has been enjoying the program in her local park. It’s provided a fun, new way to exercise: “I love the fact that Get Into Cardio Tennis is social, it’s interactive, it builds up your heart rate – you’re doing exercise without even knowing you’re doing it – it’s great fun,” she said.

Alicia Molik, former Australian professional tennis player, agrees that it’s a great way for people to transition from enjoying watching tennis to giving it a go: “The thing I love about Get Into Cardio Tennis is that you may never have played the sport of tennis before, but it’s a way of getting involved and learning some of the skills. It’s especially great because it is done in your local park, close to home”. See Alicia in action here.

Get Into Cardio Tennis is suited to men and women aged 15 years and over. The program is funded by VicHealth through their Changing the Game Campaign, which is working in particular to encourage more women to participate in physical activity across Victoria.

A 45-minute class costs $10 and you can register at Choose the ‘free introductory class’ option in ticket type when you sign up to get your first session free as part of your Premier’s Active April registration.