Spice up your routine with Get Into Cardio Tennis this April

Active April is all about making physical activity a part of our everyday lives and variety is absolutely the key to staying motivated and interested. Many of us have a favourite activity that is the staple of our exercise regime – whether it’s the gym, netball, yoga, running or footy – but after time the need to mix things up always creeps in. Now there’s a new program to throw into the mix – Get Into Cardio Tennis. This brand new program delivered by Tennis Victoria offers a fresh way to get the heart pumping and build new skills – all in the great outdoors.

Get Into Cardio Tennis is a low-impact, introductory level group session that’s done in parks – not on a tennis court. It’s fun and social and each 30-45 minute session consists of a warm up, series of game-based activities using tennis racquets and balls and a cool down. During Active April, all new participants will receive their first session of Get Into Cardio Tennis free.

Michelle Stevenson of Camberwell has been doing Get Into Cardio Tennis in Carlton Gardens over the past couple of months. She heard about the program through a colleague at work and enjoys the convenience of being able to get outside during her lunch break. “I was looking to improve my tennis skills and it’s a fun and easy way to add some more regular – and different – physical activity into my week,” she said.

Kristy Howes from Tennis Victoria says that one of the aims of the program is to make it as easy as possible for people to participate: “We’ve removed some of the traditional barriers to participating in exercise. There are no joining fees, people can save by buying a 5 or 10 pass card, and can attend a session in any of our venues – you’re not committed to a particular location”.

This was something that appealed to Michelle: “It’s convenient and flexible – you don’t have to go every week if you can’t make it – and it’s something different and fun”.

Get Into Cardio Tennis is running in parks across Melbourne and Geelong.  During Active April all new participants will receive their first session free. Michelle recommends Get Into Cardio Tennis to others: ‘Just give it a go!’

Find out more about Get Into Cardio Tennis or to register for a session in your local park today.