How to stay bright when the weather gets dull

The time approaches every year, and for some reason it seems like it comes quicker and quicker each and every time. I am talking about the dreaded “winter”. Apart from the snow-loving skiers and those that relish the cooler temperatures, winter is always a difficult time to navigate. Weeks go by aimlessly and it is often hard to keep motivated to stay active right? You have made some good health life choices in the summer with exercise and all of a sudden the rain and grey skies transcend on you like a wave breaking on shore. Potentially like other years it is going to be easy to put your new activity motivation on ice for a few months and come back when the sun does?

Never fear! With a few simple to follow ideas you can break through the winter barriers and keep active during winter:

  1. Set yourself some GOALS

Set yourself weekly and monthly goals. A weekly goal may as simple as aiming for an average of 10,000 steps per day. Whereas your monthly goal may include trying to do 2-3 x 30 minute weekly resistance or body weight sessions. Write down and keep these goals visible! These goals will help to give you direction but most of all give you a sense of ownership of your time.

2. Find someone to PARTNER with

Having someone to keep active with makes each others time a lot more valuable and a fun way to keep motivated. This could be a friend, work colleague or school parent. Even when things get tough a partner is a great way to laugh through those harder times and not only keep each other focused but celebrate the activity/exercise wins!

3. Try something DIFFERENT

Too often we can be caught in the cycle of “do what has been done before”, because it’s easy and comfortable. Variety is the spice of life! So I encourage you to introduce something different into a weekly schedule. This might include trying yoga or a spin class at the local gym, incorporating some simple bodyweight exercises at home or even driving out to a new area to walk around. By doing something different you are keeping your schedule fresh and interesting but also maximising your results.

4. Try something INDOORS – where its warmer!

There is nothing like being outside on a sunny day, however we can’t always have what we want! Incorporating an indoor activity into your routine is a surefire way of getting activity and exercise done. Often choosing to go to a class at the gym or join in a social tennis group at the tennis club is a great way to “do something different”, “find like-minded people to participate with” and achieve your goals!


Planning underlines everything we have discussed above and like life itself, an activity and exercise routine needs some sort of planning. Whether its a diary, calendar or writing on your hand, ensure you a scheduling in a time(s) to get your activity done. This is your time! Take ownership and reward yourself.

Keep checking out the Get Into Cardio Tennis events page or Facebook for up-to-date information about sessions and free come-and-try events. Most sessions are taking a break over winter however we want to see all the awesome GICT participants keep up their great work until Spring.

James Robortella

James Robortella is Get Into Cardio Tennis Program Coordinator and qualified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, BExSc.