GICT goes to the gym

Get Into Cardio Tennis has always provided a new take on the sport and way for people to play the game of tennis, from its inception in  July 2015 to the latest season in 2016.

In exciting news Get Into Cardio Tennis has recently partnered with YMCA Victoria to deliver sessions at the Hawthorn Aquatic & Leisure Centre and Brunswick Baths. The sight of a racquet and tennis balls in a group fitness class has had members talking and moving in a whole new way.

“Get Into Cardio Tennis sessions have added some great diversity to our Group Fitness suite of programs and given our members a whole new way to achieve their fitness goals” said Cameron Giles, Centre Director at the Hawthorn Aquatic & Leisure Centre.

The benefit of GICT is the ability to take the game of tennis and bring it to the people in a simple and engaging format. “We really think GICT offers a lot to gym members who are looking for a new way to achieve their fitness goals in a new, fun and social setting” said James Robortella, Get Into Cardio Tennis Program Coordinator.

We hope that these sessions at the Brunswick Baths and HALC provide the platform for more recreation centres across Victoria to think about diversifying their fitness programs and offering GICT as a new way to engage their members” said Robortella.

8 lucky members from each of HALC and Brunswick Baths will also be joining the GICT team to hit on-court at the Australian Open in January 2017. “It is such a fantastic position to be able to offer our members the chance to be at the Australian Open in a unique way like this, I know they are very excited” said Giles.

With the summer of tennis hotting up, Get Into Cardio Tennis is continuing to provide everybody the chance to get active and hone their tennis skills in a whole new way. Sessions are counting down and there is only a week to go for people to get out and hitting for the 2016 season.