Get Into Cardio Tennis meets Jennie Price, CEO of Sport England

Over the past couple of days the Get Into Cardio Tennis team has had the pleasure of meeting with Jennie Price, the CEO of Sport England, who is in Australia to present at the National Sports Convention in Sydney and as a guest of Vic Health in Melbourne.

Staff from the six sports funded by VicHealth in their Changing the Game: increasing female participation in sport campaign were invited to meet with Jennie and had the opportunity to demo the new programs that are in development. These six new activities are designed to get 25,000 women more active across Victoria and Get Into Cardio Tennis is one of the programs in development. This was a brilliant opportunity to get Jennie’s insights into how to tackle some of the challenges associated with this work.

Jennie has been integral to the development of Sport England’s new plan, Sporting Future: a new strategy for an active nation which tackles the flat-lining levels of sport participation and high levels of inactivity in England head on. She talked about the importance of framing sport and physical activity in the context of the positive contribution it can make to the health and wellbeing of the nation, rather than encouraging people to do sport for Sport’s sake.

Getting more active is a challenge Australians face too as our lives get busier and busier, with less than a third of Australians getting enough physical activity. We know that being more active is good for our physical and mental wellbeing and it’s assuring to know that organisations such as Vic Health and Tennis Victoria are committed to transforming sport in the ways that consumers are demanding to meet the needs of changing lifestyles.

Jennie was behind the globally inspiring This Girl Can Campaign which has so far encouraged 2.8 million inactive women and girls to get active in England.

She said that the impact of the campaign far exceeded her expectations: ‘it was picked up in more than 110 countries and so far I haven’t spoken to one woman who doesn’t relate to the psychological messages this campaign represents in one way or another’.

The team took away a number of ideas that will be useful in the ongoing development of the Get Into Cardio Tennis program which is funded for two years by Vic Health to June 2017.

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