First ever Get Into Cardio Tennis demo at the Australian Open

Today, Get Into Cardio Tennis participants and deliverers had the once-in-a-lifetime experience to have a hit on court at Margaret Court Arena during the Australian Open.

Before the first match of the day, the crew demonstrated the new program to people as they entered the arena and settled in for the morning’s action.

Get Into Cardio Tennis is a new program that is being developed in Victoria with the aim of getting more Victorians, particularly women, moving more often.

The audience were shown some of the game-based activities that typically make up a session, including the lobster rally, caterpillar and huddle shuffle.

It is a low-impact, tennis-based group fitness activity that is designed to challenge some of the traditional barriers reported when it comes to accessing the sport of tennis.

In Get Into Cardio Tennis, there are no courts and no nets – it’s typically done in the park. This creates a fun, informal environment and the grass really levels the playing field as you can never be sure how the ball is going to bounce. This makes it suitable for people at any level of fitness and tennis ability.

Sports presenter, Ian Cohen, interviewed Business Development Manager, Kristy Howes, during the on-court demonstration asking her about why the new program has come about. “We’ve received funding from VicHealth as part of their Changing the Game campaign to have a positive impact on increasing female participation in sport. We’ve listened to what women have said about some of the challenges they’ve encountered with getting involved in the sport of tennis, and have designed a new group fitness product that we’re taking to the people, in their local parks,” she said.

Find out more about Get Into Cardio Tennis. The program launches officially across Melbourne and Geelong (with further statewide expansion plans to follow) in February.