Alicia Molik tries Get Into Cardio Tennis at the AO Festival

Visitors to the People’s Court at the Australian Open Festival today had the opportunity to see Fed Cup Captain, Alicia Molik, give Get Into Cardio Tennis a try.

Get Into Cardio Tennis is a low impact, tennis-based group fitness session which has been designed to attract new people to the sport and offer a fun and social way to get a workout. The program consists of a warm up, series of game-based activities using racquets and balls, and a cool down.

Usually, Get Into Cardio Tennis takes place in local parks, not on court, however the People’s Court at the AO Festival was an excellent opportunity to showcase to tennis fans what this new group fitness product is.

Get Into Cardio Tennis is an introduction to the original Cardio Tennis program, and is suitable to people who don’t necessarily have existing tennis skills or a high level of fitness.

That, of course, made it interesting for Alicia! She certainly brought a new level of movement to the traditional ‘caterpillar’ activity and fought against her competitive nature in the ‘bingo rally’ to keep it fun and enjoyable for everyone!

“The thing I love about Get Into Cardio Tennis is that you may never have played the sport of tennis before, but it’s a way of getting involved and learning some of the skills. It’s especially great because it is done in your local park, close to home,” she said.

View Alicia in action during the Get Into Cardio Tennis activation on the People’s Court.

Find out more about Get Into Cardio Tennis. The program launches officially across Melbourne and Geelong (with further statewide expansion plans to follow) in February.